Fri, 23 August | 8 pm
Sat, 24 August | 8 pm

LOOK Guest Performance #2: Las Muchas – Marieantònia Oliver

Las Muchas speaks of fragility, the kind that has to do with age, with bodies that no longer belong to the “corpus” of the social, that have ceased to be part of the official market, but are more alive than ever and, above all, freer: bodies that breathe, weigh, dance, seduce, move, and position themselves differently. Letting oneself be heard and letting oneself be penetrated by lived experiences: physical, emotional, accidental, political, of concealment and commitment.

A school of fish, of an emergent system, of an organism that is composed of many and manifests in a single movement. The common images that we all gather, because in the end, we all share similar emotions and situations. That shared identity that is, at the same time, an intimate one that belongs to many.

Las Muchas explores the fragility and freedom of aging bodies that no longer conform to societal norms. Directed and created by Mariantònia Oliver, this performance art piece features Oliver and a group of local women, capturing their shared emotions and experiences through dance and movement. The project highlights the collective identity and unique individuality of these women, embracing their physical, emotional, and political journeys and offering a profound reflection on the resilience and vibrancy of life.

Las Muchas is the second contribution to the LOOK guest performance series for dance art and diversity 2024 at ehrenfeldstudios.

Las Muchas teaser:

Direction and Creation: Mariantònia Oliver Performance: Mariantònia Oliver and a group of local women Images: Cecilia Molano Music: Santiago Latorre, Paolo Conte, and Dalida Lighting: Manu Martínez Assistants in direction and production: Jordi Nadal and Joana Maria Pastor With the help of: Consell de Mallorca / creation center l’Animal a l’esquena / EiMa creació


Entry: Sliding scale 10-20 €