We move together in an urban community. We live and live to see change. We are part o fit. The performance programme MITTENDRIN establishes a space for arts and culture that allows for the pressing questions of our community. The diverse pieces presented here have different approaches to their works, that pose a political, cultural, social and personal challenge.

WE | The Empathic Body Vol. 1

May 6 2021 I 7 pm: Online Stream via dringeblieben!

QUERFELDEIN offers artistically sophisticated dance performance art for children and young people. The program is designed for an audience from 0 – 18 years. In addition, an extensive practical outreach program is offered. QUERFELDEIN leaves the beaten track and breaks new ground to find a direct and playful path from dance artists to young visitors – right through the unexplored terrain, in other words – QUERFELDEIN!


Fatty Chain | a round dance for all from 5 years onwards

Postponed! Info about new dates will follow soon.

The format DABEI offers diverse opportunities to engage with dance and the variety of performance art. Everyone is invited to engage in workshops, classes, talks, labs and research to participate in a discussion about the broad field of movement. The offers are open to all who want to get moving.

Artistic Outreach – The Empathic Body

The format “Artistic Outreach – the empathic body” is centrally based on the transfer of choreographic methods …

Outreach I Querfeld-rein und Querfeld-raus

Querfeldein offers an accompanying education programme for young audiences: Querfeld-rein and Querfeld-raus. Querfeld-rein and Querfeld-raus tie in with the specific content and aesthetic themes of the respective plays.

Connecting artistic works on a regional, national and interntaional level is crucial for the development of structures in the dance world. Artists connect through different groups and networks, such as: Förderinitiative Tanzkunst und Alter, studiotrade (European network), BUZZ (Bundesverband Zeitgenössischer Zirkus e.V., Kölner Modell, Tanz in Schulen. The communication leads to a collective working and thinking, which has a fixed place at ehrenfeldstudios.