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Through an innovative ionisation technology all germs and aerosoles are destroyed in a very short time.

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In their new home, the ehrenfeldstudios, Emanuele Soavi and his team invite you to an open rehearsal of ATLAS 3 and to Soavis LIVING ROOM to get in touch, to exchange, to discuss. 9. October 2021 -17 h Open rehearsal &  18 h Soavis LIVING ROOM (ehrenfeldstudios)...

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Sept. 23rd 2021 at 8:00 pm 

Dec. 04th 2021at 6:00 pm
Dec. 05th 2021at 4:00 pm

Karla, Ändi, Arthur | A listening-dancing-play for 2 bipeds and 4 paws for everyone from 5 years onward

PREMIERE: October 1st, 2021 at 6 p.m.
October 2nd + 3rd, 2021 at 4 p.m.

Fatty Chain | a round dance for all from 5 years onwards

Saturday, October 16th 2021 I 4 pm
Sunday, October 17th 2021 I 4 pm

WE | The Empathic Body Vol. 1

November 11th 2021  I 10 am – November 12th 2021  I 10 am -November 13th 2021  I 04 pm – November 14th 2021  I 04 pm


a choreographic performance by Performing Group / for all ages 8 and up

Thu 09 & 10 Dec 2021 I 10 am Sat. 11 & Sun. 12 Dec 2021 I 4 pm

Round Table I How intergenerative is contemporary dance?

For exchange and impulses, we have invited people from different institutions to the round table and devote ourselves to the question together: How intergenerative is contemporary dance?

Artistic Outreach – The Empathic Body

The format “Artistic Outreach – the empathic body” is centrally based on the transfer of choreographic methods …

Outreach I Querfeld-rein und Querfeld-raus

Querfeldein offers an accompanying education programme for young audiences: Querfeld-rein and Querfeld-raus. Querfeld-rein and Querfeld-raus tie in with the specific content and aesthetic themes of the respective plays.

Did you know?

You can get your tickets on a sliding scale. That means, ticket prices go from 8 to 15 Euros for adults. Within this range you give whatever you want. We are happy about every support! Do you want to be an ehrenfeldstudios VIP? You can become a supporter! More about our new funding programme coming soon! Click here + for more information.

How your membership helps our work:

The non-profit association ehrenfeldstudios e.V. works for the visibility of the performing arts – especially dance – in the Ehrenfeld neighborhood, in Cologne and beyond. The artistic focus is on intergenerational work. Through your membership you support: the expansion of the ehrenfeldstudios as a meeting place for performing artists, dance and performance enthusiasts an expansion of the range of courses and workshops for children, young people and adults the continuation and development of our event formats a space that invites participation in artistic processes

Außer Haus

With our format Außer Haus we let you know where you can catch our work in other cities and countries.

You can find more information on the websites of our artists and choreographers.

Silke Z. resistdance

  BEST OF 65 | Silke Z. resistdance | Danswerkstaedi, Reykjavik, Iceland – postponed to 2022
  COMFORT ZONE | Silke Z. resistdance | Maunula-talo, Helsinki, Finland – October 14 – 16 2021


tanzfuchs PRODUKTION

  Karla, Ändi, Arthur | A listening-dancing-play for 2 bipeds and 4 paws for everyone from 5 years onward
3. & 6. December 2021 I 10 am |  4. & 5. December 2021 I 4 pm | tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf



FLUT – Staatenhaus 2 Oper Köln
5. (Premiere) / 10. / 12. September 2021

FLUT – Theater Duisburg
17. / 18. September 2021

INVASION / FLUT – Festival ‚Auf dem Sprung‘, Ludwig Forum Aachen
September 2021

ATLAS 3 Blu Blu Blu – TanzFaktur Köln

  1. / 16. / 17. Oktober 2021