Fri, 17.11.23 | 8 pm
Sat, 18.11.23 | 8 pm


DIVERSITY focuses here on the aesthetic potential of the ageing female and male body, around the visibility and changing of one’s own body. The program includes three short pieces about men and women over 60.

On 17.11. and 18.11. we host triple bill evenings:


Angus Balbernie from the UK will improvise his show “I like crime shows, mountains and maybe 3 people” on both evenings.

Angus McLean Balbernie directs, choreographs, improvises, teaches and mentors. After around 85 performances, he says today:

“I don’t really enjoy the noise and hype of a lot of performances anymore. I enjoy smaller things in unusual spaces and studios, and work made by the unnoticed, the improvisers, the different and the broken. I enjoy people finding ways to move and compose and share themselves in space simply because they still have too…. That’s probably enough no?”  

When he’s not performing or teaching, he now lives on a hill in Haute Provence, hikes in the mountains and plays the banjo with his left hand – quite badly.

Improvisation + dance: Angus McLean Balbernie Lighting: Beppo Leichenich

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Lisa Thomas from Stuttgart will also be showing excerpts from her performance “DanceYourSkin”:

Do women have to be young (and naked) to get a place on stage? In her dance performance, 63-year-old dancer and choreographer Lisa Thomas explores the very special artistic and dancing potential of her dancer’s body, which has changed with age. Using dance, photographs and live projections, she introduces us to the world and language of movement of the older body.

“The ageing human body has been at the centre of my work as a dancer, performer and choreographer for over 15 years. […] There are few old professional dancers present and as a consequence we have few collective images of older bodies dancing. I am interested in discovering the potential and beauty of my own 63 year old muscles and skin, e.g. their ability to vibrate, which a young hard body can never do.” (Lisa Thomas, 2023)

Concept/choreography/dance/performance: Lisa Thomas  Additional choreography: Smadar Goshen Photography: Simone Demandt Dramaturgy + video: Sabrina Schray  Text: Sabine Altenburger Stage: Justyna Koeke Costume: Justyna Koeke, Gesine Mahr Production and curation: Birgit Gebhard

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Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in the NEUSTART KULTUR programme, [DIS-TANZEN/ tanz:digital/ DIS-TANZ-START support programme] of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.


Silke Z. and the metabolisten will present the premiere of WITH US. EPISODE 4: KAREL (65) MEETS BETTINA (68) as a prelude to both solo works.

In WITH US. EPISODE 4 by choreographer Silke Z., dancers Karel Vaněk and Bettina Muckenhaupt meet. They embark on an impulsive process of rapprochement in which they explore different versions of themselves and make themselves available to each other with skin and hair. Sometimes explosive, sometimes pleasurable, they peel themselves from one skin into the next and play passionately with their relationship to independence.

Bettina Muckenhaupt and Karel Vaněk have been realising dance performances together with choreographer Silke Z. for many years and are both part of Silke Z.’s intergenerational ensemble “die metabolisten”.

Choreography: Silke Z. in collaboration with Dance: Karel Vaněk, Bettina Muckenhaupt Light: Beppo Leichenich Management: Hanna Held

Supported by the Diversity Fund of the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.


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