A choreographic performance by Performing Group / for all ages 8 and up


Thur. Dec. 9 2021 I 10 am
Fr. Dec. 10 I 10 am
Sa. Dec. 11 | 2 pm

Based on interview recordings with children, a lovingly conducted dialogue unfolds about what counts in life: Family, home, nationality and gender, happiness and sadness … musical taste and pizza toppings. “Chalk about” for two performers plays with the English “to talk about” and “to chalk,” which means “to mark with chalk.”

Situated between dance and theater, it develops into a vibrant, life-affirming manifesto about human difference, staged with the simplest of means.

The piece was the result of a collaboration between choreographers Leandro Kees from Argentina / Germany and Christine Devaney from Scotland.

Due to the great success of the production, the artists decided to develop two versions with different performers in different languages. The “German version” features Marcela Ruiz Quintero and Constantin Hochkeppel.

„Chalk About“ has been performed in both versions a total of about 200 times worldwide and received, among others, a 5-star review by The Times at the Fringe Festival Edinburgh 2014.




Concept & Original Choreography: Leandro Kees and Christine Devaney.

Dance: Marcela Ruiz Quintero & Constantin Hochkeppel

Production design: Karen Tennent

Sound composition: Martin Rascher

Lighting design: Tom Zwitserlood

Dramaturgical advice: Moos van den Broek

Booking & PR: Laura Klatt

Management & Technique: Martin Rascher

Photos: Pipo Tafel, David Zuschlag, Tanzhaus Zürich

A production by Performing Group and tanzhaus nrw as part of Take-off: Young Dance, originally conceived by Leandro Kees and Christine Devaney (Curious Seed, UK).


Take-off: Junger Tanz is sponsored by the Cultural Office of the State Capital Düsseldorf

and the Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sports of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. A Curious Seed production, funded by Imaginate and additionally supported by the Edinburgh by the Edinburgh Festivals Expo Fund of the Scottish Government. Produced by

Catalyst Dance Management and co-produced in collaboration with tanzhaus NRW.

Supported by Fresh Tracks Europe, the Lyra Theatre, Edinburgh and The Work Room, Glasgow.  




LOVE IS … PRIME! | the empathic body vol.2

by Silke Z. and die metabolisten


Sept. 23rd 2021 at 8:00 pm

Dec. 04th 2021at 6:00 pm
Dec. 05th 2021at 4:00 pm


Love is… affection, compliments, devotion, abandonment, basic trust, happiness,

protective and complicated.

In their new production, Silke Z. and the intergenerational ensemble die metabolisten devote themselves to the many facets of love.

It is about the moment of revelation, self-love, longing and lust, rapture and the power of love, but also about hate speech, saying no out loud or dissolving oneself in love.

The dancers have produced solo videos on one aspect of love, which serve as the basis for the production and the love parcours through the ehrenfeldstudios.

In video projections, sound installations and dance performances, the rooms of the ehrenfeldstudios will become a parcours of love in which the audience can move freely.

Join us in exploring the many facets of love and try to endure and defend this great feeling with us!


Artistic direction and choreography | Silke Z.

Performance | Daniela Riebesam, Vivien Kovarbasic, Caroline Simon, Dennis Schmitz, Jimin Seo, David Winking, Hanna Held, Annika Bode, Meike Kattwinkel

Intergenerative dramaturgy | André Zimmermann, Bettina Muckenhaupt, Lilith Giles

Production Management | Annina Pomaska

Sound Design | André Zimmermann

Lighting Design | Wolfgang Pütz

Costume and stage | Claudia Grünig, Annina Pomaska

Dance mediation | Silke Z., Caroline Simon, Dennis Schmitz, Hanna Held

Management | Hanna Held

Administration | Carina Graf

Organization | Anna Boldt

Public Relations | Vinya Cameron

Public Relations | Kerstin Rosemann

Photo Documentation | Claudia Grünig, Annina Pomaska

Video documentation | Barbara Schröer

The overall concept is supported by the following partners:

Co-production: Fokus Tanz e.V. Munich, Junges Schauspielhaus Bochum.

Cooperation: Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium Cologne, ehrenfeldstudios e.V.

Thanks to the students of TMK classes of Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium Cologne for their input to the production!

Funded by the state of NRW within the framework of the 3-year conceptual funding and the city of Cologne within the framework of the multi-year project funding.

SOFORT Improvisation Days

SOFORT Improvisation Days

SOFORT Improvisation Days

November 25. – 28. 2021

ehrenfeldstudios, Cologne

Brotfabrik Bühne, Bonn

Deutsches Tanzarchiv, Cologne

SOFORT offers a platform for dance improvisation as an art form: a place for spontaneity, uncertainty, surprises, decisions and impulses. The improvisation days create connections between the everyday and what happens on stage – now, here and SOFORT.

The first edition of SOFORT Improvisation Days gives an insight into the work of choreographer and improvisation performer LISA NELSON: TUNING SCORES, a playful and spontaneous active, living dialogue about space, time, movement and the desire to compose our experience.

LISA NELSON has been exploring the role of the senses in the performance and observation of movement for almost five decades. The focus is on dance improvisation and the values of interplay, dialogue and flexible survival strategies that emerge in it. She describes the TUNING SCORES as a playful, improvisational, living format.




In Tuning Scores, the five performers use “scores” to collaboratively create an unfolding composition live and spontaneously in front of an audience. Some tools are openly presented to the audience: The “calls” – calls like “pause”, “rewind”, “end” influence the course of the stage action. The audience follows closely how ideas are spontaneously realised, how images, moods, relationships, stories emerge and unfold in real time, how wishes come true or not.

The performances always reveal anew, always surprisingly, how we speak to each other through dance.





Stéphanie Auberville (FR/BE), Franck Beaubois (FR), Caroline Boillet (FR), Bryce Kasson (US/GER)

Scott Smith (USA/UK) & Lisa Nelson via Zoom (US)


You can find the entire programme and further information here! (german version only)


On 26 and 27 November there will be a hybrid offer: You will have the opportunity to join the ARTISTS TALK with Lisa Nelson and Scott Smith and to participate in TUNEZOOM, the Tuning Scores Online Practice. Click here for the links on!





SINGLE TICKET: on a donation basis


Our sliding scale applies to all tickets:

FESTIVAL TICKET: (Fri. – Sun.): 22€ – 40€



TUNING GAMES Presentation: free entry

The visit of the presentation allows free admission to the Tanzmuseum.

For a smooth process we would like to inform you that the festival will take place under “2G+” (recovered, vaccinated) conditions, i.e. proof of vaccination or recovery requires an additional official negative rapid test (“citizen test”/no self-test), which is not older than 48 hours.


Artistic direction: Caroline Simon

Consultation & Coordination: Bryce Kasson

Administration: Carina Graf

Organisation: Anna Boldt, Selina Ehlen

Technical direction: Beppo Leichenich

Digital offer: frankaflux

PR : Kerstin Rosemann

Photo: Angela Guerreiro

Graphics: Caroline Simon

WE | The Empathic Body Vol. 1

WE | The Empathic Body Vol. 1

WE | The Empathic Body Vol. 1

Audience 12 years and up


November 11th 2021  I 10: 00 am

November 12th 2021  I 10: 00 am

November 13th 2021  I 04: 00 pm

November 14th 2021  I 04: 00 pm

We are emotional.
We are resilient.
We are dependent.
We are loving.
We are uncertain.
We are envious, assaulting, grateful.
We are strange – tender – ignorant – freaky.
We are diverse.

Man as a social being has the ability to empathize with others, to put himself in their place, to take the place of the other. Can we not do otherwise? “WE” transfers the natural forms of emotional contagion into dance-choreographic settings. The performers take a tightrope walk between attraction and aversion, affection and assault.

Silke Z.’ Ensemble DIE METABOLISTEN negotiates in “WE” about empathy and faces the invasive, encroaching side of empathy. This first production of the project “DER EMPATHISCHE KÖRPER” lays the foundation for a perennial examination of the topic “empathy”. The intergenerational company is looking for new performative perspectives to approach the complex of themes and cultivate “WE” feelings.



Artistic direction and choreography | Silke Z.

Performance | Daniela Riebesam, Vivien Kovarbasic, Caroline Simon, Florian Patschovsky, Dennis Schmitz, Angus Balbernie, Bettina Muckenhaupt, Jimin Seo, David Winking, Lisa Kirsch, Karel Vanek, Rebecca Bednarzyk, Hanna Held

Music composition | Nikolaj Grunwald, André Zimmermann

Lighting design | Wolfgang Pütz

Dramaturgy Consulting | Barbara Fuchs

Dance education | Andrea Marton, Caroline Simon

Administration/Management | Olivia Bott

Public Relations | Vinya Cameron

Press work | Kerstin Rosemann

Photo documentation | Jacqueline Stade

The overall concept is supported by the following partners:

Co-production: Fokus Tanz e.V. / Think Big! Festival Munich, Junges Schauspielhaus Bochum.

Cooperation: Albertus-Magnus Gymnasium, Cologne, Ruhr University Bochum, German Sport University, Cologne, ehrenfeldstudios e.V.

Funded by the State of NRW as part of the 3-year concept funding and the City of Cologne as part of the multi-year project funding.



“Meeting artists is transformative because it confronts students with different ways of working. At the core of every work of art is the question of the method used to create it. In this way, new horizons open up to students in a world that is in danger of going to ruin because of its ‘wealth neglect.’ ” (Thomas Linden, Choices)



In their new home, the ehrenfeldstudios, Emanuele Soavi and his team invite you to an open rehearsal of ATLAS 3 and to Soavis LIVING ROOM to get in touch, to exchange, to discuss.

9. October 202117 h Open rehearsal &  18 h Soavis LIVING ROOM (ehrenfeldstudios)

The dance project ATLAS 3 – Blu Blu Blu, where dance, music and Asian martial arts meet, can be seen from October 15 to 17 at TanzFaktur

further performances “Außer Haus” (other locations)

FLUT – Staatenhaus 2 Oper Köln
(Premiere) / 10. / 12. September 2021

FLUT – Theater Duisburg
17. / 18. September 2021

INVASION / FLUT – Festival ‚Auf dem Sprung‘, Ludwig Forum Aachen
September 2021

ATLAS 3 Blu Blu Blu – TanzFaktur Köln
/ 16. / 17. Oktober 2021