Sharing Across Borders | international networking festival

Sharing Across Borders | international networking festival

What chances does the principle of solidarity have in view of the challenges caused by the pandemic and what role do borders play in this? With our festival SHARING ACROSS BORDERS, we are taking a critical and artistic look at this topic. We take a close look at cultural, physical and political borders.

Over the course of three days, SHARING ACROSS BORDERS brings together internationally established artists with emerging local talents and offers a space for exchange. Get to know these different artistic positions during the festival – watch, dance, cook and debate with us. We look forward to a lively dialogue and festival programme with these artists:

Liisa Pentti (Finland), São Castro, Antonio M. Cabrita/Production Play False Cultural Association (financed by Programa Garantir Cultura) (Portugal), äöü und Jung Sun Kim (Germany), Gabriel Carneiro (Germany), Cie. Humaine (France), Vilnius City Dance Theatre Low Air (Lithuania), Dennis Alexander Schmitz (Germany), TachoTinta (Germany), Katharina Senzenberger & Charlotte Werner (Germany)


You can find the full programme here!



Artistic Direction: Silke Z.

Administration: Carina Graf

Organisation: Anna Boldt

Technical Direction: Beppo Leichenich, Garlef Keßler

PR: Kerstin Rosemann


Round Table I How intergenerative is contemporary dance?

Round Table I How intergenerative is contemporary dance?

After a long period without an audience, the ehrenfeldstudios will host the intergenerational dance festival


from August 27 – 29 2021 under the hashtag #we need to dance together!

Under the artistic direction of Barbara Fuchs and Silke Z., the festival pursues the goals and visions of initiating and strengthening intergenerational solidarity, encouraging generational dialogue, creating equality between generations and a dance culture for all and with all. Especially now, in and hopefully soon after these unreal Corona times, it is especially important that we maintain the connection to each other. And dance connects – non-verbally and across borders!

More info about the festival programme can be found here!

For exchange and impulses, we have invited people from different institutions to the round table and devote ourselves to the question together:

How intergenerative is contemporary dance?

After an opener, the intergenerative production “Blicke” by Tanzkomplizen from Berlin by and with Janne Gregor and Coco Ramatou Gregor, we will start the round table at 2:30 pm with a physical start.

In working groups we want to talk about intergenerative artistic practice in contemporary dance from an artistic, institutional and social point of view and dare to look into the future.

Two lectures will offer further inspiration and a look beyond the horizon:

Prof. Dr. Kristin Westphal from the University of Koblenz-Landau: “Kids on Stage – Potentials of Intergenerational Performance Art”.

Dr. Miriam Haller from kubia, the competence centre for cultural education in old age and inclusion: “Age(ing) trouble! Performances, performance and performativity of age(ing)”.

Karla, Ändi, Arthur | A listening-dancing-play for 2 bipeds and 4 paws for everyone from 5 years onward

Karla, Ändi, Arthur | A listening-dancing-play for 2 bipeds and 4 paws for everyone from 5 years onward


PREMIERE: October 1st, 2021 at 6 p.m.


October 2nd + 3rd, 2021 at 4 p.m.

each at the ehrenfeldstudios, Cologne


January 29 & 30 2022 I 4pm

January 31 & February 1 2022 I 10am

at the ehrenfeldstudios, Cologne

For people with visual impairments, we offer a touch tour on stage half an hour before the performance. Please register for this with us in advance.

Barking and singing, fur-covered stones and furry flowers, here a breeze blows, a smell comes from there – in Karla’s, Ändi’s and Arthur’s world there is much to see, hear and feel – each of the three does this in his/her own way: Karla sees with her knee, Ändi preferably with her nose. Arthur prefers to look good. Besides, Karla is older than Ändi and Arthur, Ändi has four legs instead of two, and Arthur is the only one with dark hair. On the other hand, Ändi can drum with his tail, Karla knows how to dress, and Arthur knows how to move. In this world dogs and humans are equal: no matter wether they are quadrupeds or bipeds, old or young, fury or not – cuddling, kissing, chatting, rubbing, dancing or looking at the stars is most beautiful in a when done with the three of them.

Choreographer Barbara Fuchs, composer Jörg Ritzenhoff and the dancer Arthur Schopa have let Karla Faßbender and her guide dog Ändi show them a new world. It is not the world as we know it through which Ändi leads Karla, but a realm in which all of the senses are equal. Follow, Karla, Ändi and Arthur into this unique world.




Idea, artistic direction: Barbara Fuchs

Music: Jörg Ritzenhoff

Performance and choreography: Karla Faßbender, Ändi, Arthur Schopa

Lighting: Wolfgang Pütz

Stage: Odile Foehl

Costumes: Stefanie Bold

Production: Vivica Bocks

Mediation: Alina Feske

Press work: Kerstin Rosemann



 tanzfuchs PRODUKTION


Fatty Chain | a round dance for all from 5 years onwards

Fatty Chain | a round dance for all from 5 years onwards


Sat. August 21 I 6pm I PREMIERE

Sun. August 22 I 4pm

Mon. 23 & Tue. August 24 I 10am

Sat. 16 & Sun. October 17 I 4pm

at ehrenfeldstudios, Cologne

*Sat. & Sun. before the performance: “ONE MOMENT, PLEASE” – a 10-minute improvisation performance by Caroline Simon


Fatty Chain | a round dance for all from 5 years onwards | tanzfuchs PRODUKTION

Side by side, behind each other, around in a circle – hands held out, shoulders clasped, elbows hooked underneath – six dancers move through the room like one unit. 

Together they create the rhythm that guides them. Who leads the group? Is there a master of ceremonies? Through the complexity of movement, rhythm and song, the performers merge into a unity, a chain: like the links of a chain, they are interwoven, connected, sometimes open, sometimes closed – without beginning – without end, sometimes as a circle, sometimes as a row. With their movements they interweave, tie themselves to each other and thus create a human web, a body chain. They negotiate with each other, each is responsible – each chain is as strong as its weakest link. The performers engage in an increasingly frenzied game, breathing new energy and fun into the time-honored dances and chants. This creates a dynamic and rhythm that is also transferred to the audience and breathes new life into the tradition of the round dance. With her new production, choreographer Barbara Fuchs immerses herself in the tradition of the REIG – in this oldest cultural asset of the Occident, dance and song become a community-building ritual. All movements – no matter from which culture they originate – become a ceremonial act and the dance a magical ceremony of movement. The bodies of the performers are central to the ritual acts as well as to the collective embodiment. After the round dance was replaced by the couple dance in Europe, this collective kind of embodiment still shows up in everyday ritual actions: from playing and storytelling together in kindergarten, to spiritual body communities in yoga and tai chi, to collectively ecstatic bodies in la ola waves and communal chants in soccer stadiums.

 FATTY CHAIN is a production of tanzfuchs PRODUKTION in cooperation with ehrenfeldstudios e.V., supported by the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne, the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Fonds Darstellende Künste.

tanzfuchs PRODUKTION receives top funding from the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.



Direction, Stage, Light: Barbara Fuchs

Music: Jörg Ritzenhoff

Performance: Odile Foehl, Katharina Sim, Alina Feske, Arthur Schopa, Michael Zier, Philine Herrlein

Costume: Stefanie Bold Lighting: Wolfgang Pütz

Press Work: Kerstin Rosemann

Production Management, Photos: Olivia Bott

NRW Scholarship holder for children’s and youth theater: Ronja Nadler



In their new home, the ehrenfeldstudios, Emanuele Soavi and his team invite you to an open rehearsal of ATLAS 3 and to Soavis LIVING ROOM to get in touch, to exchange, to discuss.

9. October 202117 h Open rehearsal &  18 h Soavis LIVING ROOM (ehrenfeldstudios)

The dance project ATLAS 3 – Blu Blu Blu, where dance, music and Asian martial arts meet, can be seen from October 15 to 17 at TanzFaktur

further performances “Außer Haus” (other locations)

FLUT – Staatenhaus 2 Oper Köln
(Premiere) / 10. / 12. September 2021

FLUT – Theater Duisburg
17. / 18. September 2021

INVASION / FLUT – Festival ‚Auf dem Sprung‘, Ludwig Forum Aachen
September 2021

ATLAS 3 Blu Blu Blu – TanzFaktur Köln
/ 16. / 17. Oktober 2021