Fr.   11. February | 8pm I PREMIERE
Sa.   12. February |  8pm
Sun. 13. February | 4pm

Child 6 € | Adult 9 € | Group 5 €

Wissmannstrasse 38
50823 Cologne

+49 (0) 221 846 395 80

​Everything is in flux. Especially in times when the days seem to meander fluidly but tenaciously, thinking about space and time leads us to new images and confrontations: what is the solid core we think we carry inside us? What brings us into flow or flux, shapes our bodies and our selves? And where does this I rise up out of the stream of time? Who or what are we? With our new production we discover the human being as landscape, part of the landscape and as material.

Unique and solitary, we assert our identity like a rock that stands out starkly from its surroundings, and yet we are entirely wave or river: inseparably anchored to the people, places, and social spaces in which we move, shaping them and being shaped by them. In our limbs, absorbed experiences and words echo and connect with the blueprints and functions of our bodies. We are bones, organs, skin, and then again flowing breath, movement, language. In dance and with the means of painting we locate this self.

Painting and dance, color and body… in space both combine into an expressive wandering, merge into a landscape, burst apart again, conquer each other like forces of nature and assert their own indomitable life. The piece invites us on a journey through the body as a landscape of narratives about us and our relationship to the world.


Artistic direction, dance, choreography, painting & set: Marion Dieterle | Artistic supervision, set & costumes: Julia Stefanovici | Music: Ralf Freudenberger | Lighting and technical direction: Garlef Kessler | Exhibition & artistic supervision: David Komander, Marla Kozaczka | Film documentation: Barbara Schröer, Cecilia Gläsker-Venn | Photo: Ingo Solms | Graphics: Peter Steinmetz | PR: Heino Schütten | Text: Anika Lecomte, Nelly Winterhalder

We would like to thank our funders and supporters:
The Cultural Office of the City of Cologne, the Regional Government of Cologne, the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the North Rhine-Westphalian State Office for the Independent Performing Arts, the #takecare programme of Fonds Darstellende Künste, iDAS nrw, Association Château de Monthelon and ehrenfeldstudios Cologne.