Mon. 24 & Tue. 25 October 2022 | Workshops

Fri. 28 & Sat. 29 October | Improvisation performances, artists’ meeting, community events & more


SOFORT Improvisation days #2


With Carol Swann and Stéphanie Auberville

For the second time Caroline Simon invites to the improvisation days SOFORT. For this year’s edition, dance and voice luminaries Carol Swann (US) and Stéphanie Auberville (FR | BE) will meet. They will present their work in workshops, performances and more.


Mon. 24 & Tue. 25 October | 10 am – 5 pm both days
WORKSHOP: Voice through the Body

With Carol Swann and Stéphanie Auberville

The voice is being explored as the “muscle of the soul” (Roy Hart Theatre). Whether toning, speaking or singing, the voice is both part of and an expression of the body. It is a dynamic and human process, an access to oneself and the world around us.

Using playful improvisation exercises, somatic principles and practices from Contact Improvisation, Alexander Technique, Body-Mind Centering, Roy Hart Theatre and Authentic Movement, this workshop offers a rich and challenging laboratory for anyone interested in learning about and/or deepening the resonance of their physical and vocal expression. World music, such as Rounds, Balkan and African singing at the end of the day, will bridge back into the world of everyday life.

Everyone is welcome (no previous experience necessary)!

Fri. 28 October | 7 pm
PERFORMANCE: Voicing Bodies – Physical voices

With Carol Swann and Stéphanie Auberville

Carol Swann and Stéphanie Auberville surprise themselves and the audience with solos, duets, movement, dance, singing, voice… Immediately before the performance, it will be decided with which rules of the game the two performers will improvise: whether with or after each other, whether with or without a given theme, whether short pieces or building on each other…: A lively and playful improvisation evening with two pioneers of dance improvisation.

Afterwards: Artists’ Conversation

Carol Swann and Stéphanie Auberville talk about improvisation on stage and in everyday life, their lives, their philosophy and their political and social commitment. They exchange views on topics of their lives as women, feminists, artists and human beings.

Sat. 29 October

Music and movement for all ages, all bodies, all people who have fun and want to sing and dance together!

All are invited to sing songs from Africa and the Balkans together under the direction of Carol Swann.

With the participatory format We Need To Dance Together, we invite you to dance dances from around the world together with us.


We look forward to a cosy get-together with a glass of wine, beer, juice and Italian antipasti before the evening performance!

Voicing Bodies – Physical voices

With Carol Swann and Stéphanie Auberville

Read description above (28 October)

Afterwards: Q&A – audience discussion

The audience has space for their impressions, wishes and questions to the performers Carol Swann and Stéphanie Auberville – an open dialogue at eye level.


Festival tickets:

All-inclusive festival ticket (2 days workshop + 2 performances + community event): 130 euros

Evening festival ticket (2 performances + community event): 15 euros

Single tickets:

Evening ticket (1 performance): Sliding scale: 8 – 15 euros

Workshop: sliding scale 120 – 210 euros

Community event: on a donation basis


Photo: ©Caroline Simon