A dance improvisation performance
Fri, 11.08.23 | 8 pm
Sat, 12.08.23 | 8 pm

MOMENTOLOGY #2 | Caroline Simon

MOMENTOLOGY explores the moments between the lines. Caroline Simon navigates between humor and poetry, between the expected and the surprising, between the certain and the maybe. She creates the performance live in front of the audience.

Hoernemann&Walbrodt are invited to the premiere. Coming from the fields of visual arts and dance performance, they invite the audience to enter the space between expectation and reality and explore it together.

Accessibility: We offer a touch tour at 7:30 pm each night before the show – if you are interested, please include this in your email when booking your ticket.

Sliding scale: 8 – 20 €

Cultural Office of the City of Cologne, Instant Act Stuttgart