Sat. 04 March – 8 pm
Sun. 05 March – 4 pm

Audience discussion after both performances.




Observations on everyday racism

Khadidiatou Bangoura & Guests

The starting point of the piece is a thought experiment: Black people and PoCs, as the dominant social group, do not experience everyday racism, while white people, who do not belong to the dominant social group, experience everyday racism. Connections between everyday racism and structural racism are explored. Through dance & text, an emotional, complementary and low-threshold approach to the academic and theoretical discourse on racism is pursued in order to promote processes of sensibilisation, self-reflection and self-education to actively combat racism.

Khadidiatou Bangoura is a dancer & choreographer with West African roots. Her artistic works include “The heart is a muscle” (2016), “Adult-ish” (2017), “Moving Structures” (2020) and “FÜHL DIE WELT DURCH MEINE HAUT – Observations on everyday racism (2021)”. Through dance, she aims to enable the analysis of our relationships to each other, to ourselves and to our environment, creating new narratives that provoke reflection.

There will be an audience discussion after the performances.



Each of the invited guest performances is accompanied by a duo dance piece by Silke Z. with dancers from the ensemble die metabolisten, thus providing a transgenerative perspective. In Episode 3 Karel and Hanna meet.

All performances are double-bill performances. 

Concept & Choreography: Khadidiatou Bangoura
Dance & Choreography: Khadidiatou Bangoura, Janaina Celina Domingos, Bawelima Dessa Ganda, Mareile Gnep, Joana Kern, Maria Eugenia Lapadula Plà, Emiko Tamura
Assistance: Waithera Schreyeck
Costume design: Douakro Kante
Photography & Stage design: Lorena Spülbeck
Music & Sound editing: Tatiana Heuman


Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR.

The guest performance series DIVERSITY curated by Silke Z. is supported by the Diversity Fund of the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.




Sliding Scale: 8-20 euros




Fri. 10 February 2023 | 8 pm




an evening of dance improvisation with Stéphanie Auberville, Bryce Kasson and Caroline Simon

The 3 dancers and performers Stéphanie Auberville (FR/BE), Bryce Kasson (USA/DE) & Caroline Simon (BE/DE) plan the unplanned, work on the spontaneous, dive into the now: a playful and colorful dance improvisation evening.


Sliding Scale: 8-15 euros





28 & 29 January 2023 | 4 pm
30 & 31 January 2023 | 10 am




A dance performance for everyone from 0 to 99

tanzfuchs PRODUKTION

The chin sits on the knee; the fingers are becoming entangled in the toes. The fingers lift one foot in the air after another. The folded woman is unsteady and her bottom is swaying over the stage. Next to her, a similar creature tries as much as it can to reproduce the same movement. They roll on their backs, they sometimes shove one another and they climb on each other.

In the dance performance »Headwalker«, a fantasy world is created thanks to an interaction of music, movement, dance and technical contacts specifically adapted to modelling clay. This word has its own period of time, its own sounds and its own form. The actions continuously dissolve themselves in order to create a musical and colourful whirl. There is always something happening, but the tempo overpowers nothing…

»Headwalker« is a mix between dance movements, pictures and music, all of it being in the perspective of discovery and pleasure. At the end of the play, the audience is invited to come on stage and play as they wish with the modelling clay!

The premiere of »Headwalker« took place on 26 September 2010 at tanzhaus nrw in Düsseldorf.



Choreography/artistic direction: Barbara Fuchs
Dance: Odile Foehl, Emily Welther
Music, sound: Jörg Ritzenhoff
Live Sound: Barbara Fuchs
Photos: MEYERORIGINALS & Barbara Fuchs
Costumes: Cindy Karkkonen, Barbara Fuchs
Stage Design: Barbara Fuchs

Photo: Anke Schwarzer / Barbara Fuchs

A production by tanzfuchs PRODUKTION/Barbara Fuchs and tanzhaus nrw in the frame of Take-off: Junger Tanz. Tanzplan Düsseldorf, supported by Tanzplan Germany, an initiative by the Federal Cultural Foundation and the City of Düsseldorf, the Prime Minister of North Rhine Westphalia and the Arts Foundation NRW.





Adults 10 euros / children 6 euros

Requests for groups:



     PREMIERE: 29 April 2022 | 6 pm

     Further dates:
     Sun. 26.03.23 | 4 pm
     Mon. 27.03.23 | 10 am (school performance)
     Tue. 28.03.23 | 10 am (school performance)

     Children 6 € | Adults 10 €


DOOHICKEY (DINGSBUMS) – a dance and sound performance for everyone from the age of 2 | tanzfuchs PRODUKTION

They shine, rattle, are cold, they don’t even move – and yet these things exude a great fascination. Everyday kitchen helpers are often just as exciting for children to discover as their colourful toys. What could it look like if this world of things came to life, danced and sounded? In „DOOHICKEY („DINGSBUMS“)“, tanzfuchs PRODUKTION turns its attention to the metal everyday helpers in the kitchen and transforms them into a clattering orchestra: it rattles and sounds, clatters and jumps, gyrates and dances. Familiar objects suddenly develop a life of their own, become fellow dancers, mirror images. The three performers explore, feel and experience this world of things – and connect with them: they become extensions of their bodies, disappear under their clothes. Things, people and movements magically merge with each other, giving rise to entirely new hybrid beings.

Idea, artistic direction Barbara Fuchs // Music Jörg Ritzenhoff // Performance Minju Kim, Arthur Schopa, Michael Zier // Stage Design Odile Foehl // Costume Stefanie Bold // Lighting Wolfgang Pütz // Maschine construction Marc Brodeur // NRW scholarship children & youth theater Isabel Bernhard // Dramaturgy Vivica Bocks // Production Carina Graf // Production assistance Paula Cuellar // Press Kerstin Rosemann // Photos Anna Rehkämper Photography // Graphics Caroline Simon

Supported by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne and the Rhein Energie Stiftung Kultur.

Co-produced by tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf

Dance workshop for adults from age 50 | Emanuele Soavi incompany

Dance workshop for adults from age 50 | Emanuele Soavi incompany



Sun 16.04.23 | 11–14 h






Dance workshop for adults from age 50

Emanuele Soavi incompany

We cordially invite people who are enthusiastic about dance to this workshop. Previous experience is not necessary, it is about the shared joy of creativity, movement and exchange.

The dancers Taeyeon Kim and Lisa Kirsch will give an insight into the working method of Emanuele Soavi incompany. After a warm-up focusing on the movement principles of ESincompany, simple improvisational perception exercises of body and space in relation to each other will follow.

Please bring comfortable clothing and drinks. You can dance barefoot, on socks or with dance shoes.

Date: Sunday, 16.04.23 | 11-14 h
Cost: € 30,- p.p.
Registration at