What chances does the principle of solidarity have in view of the challenges caused by the pandemic and what role do borders play in this? With our festival SHARING ACROSS BORDERS, we are taking a critical and artistic look at this topic. We take a close look at cultural, physical and political borders.

Over the course of three days, SHARING ACROSS BORDERS brings together internationally established artists with emerging local talents and offers a space for exchange. Get to know these different artistic positions during the festival – watch, dance, cook and debate with us. We look forward to a lively dialogue and festival programme with these artists:

Liisa Pentti (Finland), São Castro, Antonio M. Cabrita/Production Play False Cultural Association (financed by Programa Garantir Cultura) (Portugal), äöü und Jung Sun Kim (Germany), Gabriel Carneiro (Germany), Cie. Humaine (France), Vilnius City Dance Theatre Low Air (Lithuania), Dennis Alexander Schmitz (Germany), TachoTinta (Germany), Katharina Senzenberger & Charlotte Werner (Germany)


You can find the full programme here!



Our sliding scale applies to all ticket prices:
FESTIVAL TICKET: 30 € – 45 € *
DAY TICKET: 15 € – 25 € * **
SINGLE TICKET: 8 € – 15 €

* for all events except workshops
** Saturday and Sunday possible


For a smooth process we would like to inform you that the regulation of being vaccinated, recovered or tested applies to the festival and we can only grant admission with the appropriate proof.


Artistic Direction: Silke Z.

Administration: Carina Graf

Organisation: Anna Boldt

Technical Direction: Beppo Leichenich, Garlef Keßler

PR: Kerstin Rosemann