19-21 May 2023






International Dance Network Festival

The international, innovative festival for dance performance and networking SHARING ACROSS BORDERS will take place for the second time. 

On three festival days, SHARING is all about dialogue and the coming together of artists, young talents and the public. ACROSS BORDERS refers to our mission to build an international network. The PITCH (IM)PERFECT format offers young artists a platform to present their own work to experienced performers and thus to help them further develop their ideas. The ehrenfeldstudios invite its national and international partners from their studiotrade network to create a space for dialogue and exchange with six young performing talents.  

Come join us for a weekend of discussing and performing at shows, talks, workshops and party!




19 May



19.00  OPENING  



Year 2029. GINOIDE is a robot with female resemblance. „Nana“ was built following rules set by a neoliberal society. Rules that our bodies, real or fake, have to obey. GINOIDE, will make us think about sentimental and sexual relationships. Where is humanity heading to? What will happen to the reproduction of our species? The performers Catalina Carrasco and Gaspar Morey present the intergenerational piece GINOIDE together with Max.

Performance: Catalina Carrasco, Gaspar Morey, Max 



What do we experience in the state of waiting? If we wait together, can we collectively experience a desire for change? Unfolding time through repetition and nothingness increases 

the anticipation for something to happen. Perhaps something we don’t yet know … 

Choreography and music: Yelena Arakelow | Performance: Baiba Vanaga and Yelena Arakelow | Costume: Sólbjört Vera Ómarsdóttir | Financial support: Rúv Tónskáldasjóður and UNM Iceland | Special Thanks to: Khetsin Chuchan, Eydís Rose Vilmundardóttir, Jóhannes Stefánsson, Sól Ey, Dansverkstæðið, Reykjavík Dance Festival and tóma rýmið. 



20 May



13.00 – 14.00 WORKSHOP: studiotrade | SHARING KNOWLEDGE 

Studiotrade network shares experiences in self-management and networking for freelance performing artists. 


Ido Grinberg | Keep in Touch (Sweden / Germany)
The performance explores the relation between the individual and the society in a changing world, and examines the movement created in the interaction between the body and the screen through the sense of touch.  

Dessa Ganda | Erb-Beben (Germany) 

Erb-beben is a multidisciplinary exploration of the socio-philosophical significance of traditions, legacies and heritage. A project with live music, theatre, texts and songs. 

Thaddäus Maria Jungmann, Daniela Riebesam & Carolina Brinkmann | JUNGMANN // JUNGHEINRICH (Germany) 

The performance explores the physical relationship between a human and a machine body. The pas-de-deux addresses experiences of discrimination Jungmann made as a queer person jobbing in a logistics centre. 


LOW AIR Vilnius city dance theatre | Me Two / We, The Clique (Lithuania) 

A group of young dancers share their experiences of growing up between developing queer identities, sexual harassment and power abuse. The performance portraits personal perspectives and conveys the importance of open discussion in creating a sense of belonging and community within The Clique. The audience is invited to revisit vibrant teen-hood, through the lens of the spectator, a parent, a teacher, and a decision-maker, and to reflect on the boundaries of power in interpersonal and intergenerational relationships.   


Idea, choreographer: Airida Gudaite | Dancers: Greta Snitkute, Arminas Kazanavicius, Rokas Bugys, Ugne Laurinaviciute, Grete Vosyliute, Elena Milaknyte, Beatrice Saltenyte, Emilija Ieva Giedraityte, Barbora Mickute, Aura Sriubsaite, Saule Buciunaite, Smilte Kavoliunaite | Director: Jonas Tertelis | Composer: Agnė Matuleviciute | Scenographer: Renata Valcik, Emilis Seputis | Light designer: Julius Kursys | Producer: Laurynas Zakevicius | Manager: Gabriele Kundrotaite 



Ain’t no party like a kitchen party! According to this principle, we provide performers, young artists and the public a space to get curious, to get to know each other better and to exchange ideas and experiences informally while we prepare dinner all together. After dinner, it’s time to hit the dancefloor! 




21 May




LOWAIR experiments with different forms of movement and dance styles. Laurynas and Airida’s creative exercises encourage to build interdisciplinary bridges. Their workshop connects Breaking Transitions, Isolations and Grooves from Hip-Hop, Intelligent House and Jazz Footwork. Open for all levels. 



Ema Senkuvienė, Marius Eidrigevičius & Greta Snitkutė | Truth or Dare (Lithuania) 

As pieces of a global game we move on the space-like game board, hoping to be on the right side at the end. But: What is right for you? The performers reflect on their own origins and their history. 

Hanna Held, Vivien Kovarbasic, Vika Grin, Rina Schmeing & Andrea Kößler | FOODPORN (Germany) 

In FOODPORN, the performers put food at the centre of their feminist utopia and offer an invitation to collective seduction through the seemingly sinful charms of food. 

Mariona Jaume & Maya Triay | TRENTA-SET I MIG (Spain)

Our paths create a multitude of possibilities: encounters, crossings, approaches and distances. Tension and curiosity draw lines in the common and individual space. Simultaneity of seemingly contradictory realities will be explored through dance. 



PER EVENT (e.g.: 3 pitches or 1 performance) our sliding scale applies: 8-20,-€.  

Participation in 1 WORKSHOP: 20,-€ 




Artistic direction: Silke Z. 

Network partner: studiotrade 

Organisation/Production management: Anna Boldt 

Administration: Carina Graf 

Photo: Audrius Solominas 

Graphic: Caroline Simon