Thu, 29.02.24 | 8 pm
Fri, 01.03.24 | 8 pm
Sat, 02.03.24 | 8 pm

SHAME MY NAME | Konnective (dernière)

The affair between Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton, the “Nipple Gate” surrounding Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, Gina Lisa’s light-hearted “Zack, the bean!” and the rape allegations years later. The stories of these three women and their public shaming have remained in the minds of many thanks to the media attention. But how is female shame dealt with in public? The performers of KONNECTIVE address this question – with relish, aesthetically and with great physical commitment.

Artistic direction: Konnective Idea & Concept: Sophie Halcour, Frank E. Geier, Judith Niggehoff, Saliha Shagasi Stage: Elise Richter Costume: Elise Richter & Konnective

Tickets: Sliding Scale 8-20 €

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