For young people and adults

In this class, we explore the basics of contemporary techniques through various combinations. The variety of movements are dynamic and peppy. Every group of classes is finished with a chorepgraphy that we will develop through set composiation as well a improvisation.


Modern Contemporary Dance – FREE DANCING is about allowing your own movements to develop in the moment and to use them as a personal creative form of expression. Through simple exercises I will help you to switch off your head and let go and “enjoy” dancing in the moment. We leave judgement at the door – everything is allowed!

In the Modern Contemporary Dance – Technique course we start with a warm-up of the muscles and joints and move on to various dance sequences in which we focus on contemporary dance technique (floor work, release technique). The lessons build on each other, so that by the end of the block we have worked out a 2-3 minute choreography in which you can try out your dancing skills and we will play with different pieces of music.



On Thursdays

MCD – FREE DANCING (for ALL)​: 6 – 7:30 pm

MCD II (intermediate level): 7:30 – 9 pm

1 unit: 95€

Autumn and winter unit: 110€

Single class: 15€

Registration required, also for single classes