Thu, 26.10.23 | 8 pm
Fri, 27.10.23 | 8 pm
Sat, 28.10.23 | 8 pm


Choreographer Silke Z. and her ensemble die metabolisten are developing an intergenerational and inclusive stage piece on the theme of desire and utopia in co-production with the company LOW AIR (Vilnius) and its choreographers Laurynas Žakevičius and Airida Gudaitė.

The project LUSTOPIA takes a close look at the current gender discourse and the supposed generational positioning it contains. Is LUST bound to certain characteristics such as age, gender, body or disability? What does LUST have to do with individual socialization?

The dancers make themselves available to LUST and enter into a utopian process of negotiation between different gender identities, generational affiliations and existing taboos.
LUSTOPIA seeks to liquefy existing concepts and to expand the prototypes of desire. Together with six dancers from Cologne and Vilnius, the choreographers embark on a search for the utopian fusion of existing LUST.

Artistic direction & choreography: Silke Z., Laurynas Žakevičius, Airida Gudaitė.
Dance: Caroline Simon, Hanna Held, David Winking, Greta Snitkutė, Rokas Bugys, Darius Stankevičius
Lighting design: Garlef Kesler
Management: Hanna Held
Organisation: Rica Hellige

The performance is part of the 700th anniversary of Vilnius program

Tickets: Sliding scale 8 – 20 € |