Sundays, 11 am – 1 pm

Registration and Information:

Susanne Kehrein

0177 327 58 54


Price: Sliding scale from 15 to 20€

This dance and movement meditation based on Gabrielle Roth is a dynamic and creative process that invites you on a journey through your inner landscape to feel more alive and free.

5Rhythmen offers you a dynamic structure which will broaden and refine your potential for movement and expression.

The repetition of the rhythms teaches you to direct your awareness to certain body parts, become aware of consious and unconsious movement patterns. As a result, it will support the creative process of embodiment.

This guided awareness will facilitate a lively presence of your own body and your own movement; and it will foster a delicate perception of space and people.

Because our mind need time to calm, we will take long phases and movement and dance.

The five rhythms are Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Stillness.The 5Rhythms, and when danced in sequence, are known as a wave.

Those five qualities are explored through movement, dance and breath. During this time, you can refuel, release energies, loosen tension and experience ease and lightness… get away from the contant noise of the mind.

The most important thing to me ist that this practice is about YOU; wild and sweaty or a soft and sensual waltz with yourself.

Simple instructions amd inspiring music support you in moving what moves you.

This offer is for everyone that wishes to reconnect to their body in this digital age. It also benefits professionals from the performing arts, that want to further their authentic expression on stage.

No experience necessary – come as you are!